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At Auburn Direct Primary Care, Dr. Adams practices full spectrum Family Medicine, and whatever your needs are, chances are we’ve got you covered! There are never any copays, deductibles, or confusing bills, and our patients enjoy a more accessible, personalized healthcare experience. 100% of our patients’ primary care is covered by an affordable monthly membership, just like a gym membership! We don’t deal with insurance middle men, so there is never anyone standing between you and your doctor. Click the button below to get started or read on to learn more about all the benefits Auburn Direct Primary Care offers, including:


Dr. Adams practices full spectrum Family Medicine and Primary Care. Many of our services are listed below, but if you have additional needs, give us a call! Chances are we’ve got you covered. All services are included with membership at no additional cost, and any send-out labs or pathology studies are greatly discounted.

Preventative Care

Annual physicals, well child checkups, colon cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, breast exam, pap smear, skin exam, PrEP, annual labs (cholesterol, blood counts, kidney function, diabetes screening, thyroid, etc), healthy lifestyle planning

Primary Care

Management of high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, weight loss, COPD, asthma, smoking cessation, non-narcotic pain management (we do not prescribe chronic narcotic pain medication), erectile dysfunction, gender-affirming hormone therapy, contraception (birth control), EKG, and more.

Urgent Services

Sick visits, Strep and flu testing, COVID-19 rapid and PCR testing, earache, UTI, lacerations, sprains and strains, joint dislocations, gout, headache, minor burns, abdominal pain, rashes and other skin problems, pink eye, back pain, and most other urgent needs


Laceration repair, abscess drainage, cyst removal, skin tag removal, skin biopsy, cryotherapy, wart and mole removal, foreign body removal, joint aspiration and/or injection, wound care, splinting, ingrown toenail removal

Mental Health

Management of anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD (We do not initiate new stimulant prescriptions but may continue them with an established diagnosis)

Specialized Physicals

DOT physicals, sports physicals, college physicals, pre-employment physicals, surgical clearance, TB skin tests, proof of immunization bloodwork

Botox Cosmetic

Botulinum toxin, or Botox, helps to reduce and prevent facial wrinkles by blocking the motion of the muscles that cause them. Facial wrinkles are caused by skin creasing from the repeated motion of the muscles under the skin. By temporarily blocking that motion, Botox improves and prevents skin wrinkles and creases.

Dr. Adams standing in front of desk smiling with arms crossed.


Dr. Kyle Adams is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. Originally from Leesburg, GA, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southern University. He attended medical school and received his MD from Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, GA. After medical school, Dr. Adams completed a year-long internship in OBGYN at Mercer University / Navicent Health in Macon and then went on to complete Family Medicine residency at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston Salem, NC. He married his high school sweetheart, Laine, in 2011, and they now live in Auburn with their three kids. Dr. Adams enjoys powerlifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but he often gets made fun of for his lack of football knowledge. In his professional career, Dr. Adams enjoys getting to know his patients and spending time helping them learn to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. He also enjoys procedures and offers them for free to ADPC patients.



Adults age 18 and up may enroll for a regular subscription cost of $399 per month.


Children 0-17 enrolling with a parent may enroll for a regular subscription cost of $149 per month.

Independent Children

Children who enroll independently (with no parent enrolled) may enroll for a regular subscription cost of $399 per month.

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Ready to enroll with Auburn Direct Primary Care? Click on the button below to fill out our new patient enrollment packet. There is no enrollment fee for patients signing up for the first time, and once you're enrolled, we'll be happy to reach out to you to get your first appointment scheduled. We're excited to have you as part of the ADPC family! Not sure if our model is right for you? Feel free to give us a call and schedule a free meet and greet with Dr. Adams, who can answer any questions you might have.


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