Virtual Primary Care in Alabama

Virtual Primary Care in Alabama

You might know it by a few different names- Telemed, Telehealth, Virtual Healthcare, That Guy On My Computer That Fusses About My Blood Pressure… No matter what you call it, the ability to connect with patients virtually is one of the most exciting and important medical developments of the past two decades. That’s why we have decided to create a brand new offering for our patients- Complete Virtual Primary Care, right here in Alabama!

Virtual Primary Care?

That’s right. You’ve probably heard about telemed urgent care visits, but it turns out that we can actually do a whole lot more than that without making patients come into the office. In fact, we can fully care for most primary care, preventive care, mental health, men’s health, and many urgent care problems virtually through our own telehealth platform. Dr. Adams becomes your doctor, just as if you were coming to the office in person! Even better- you get your doctor’s direct cell number, so you can text directly with questions or concerns. If you live in Alabama- Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, or anywhere in between, we can take care of you!

How it works

Essentially, it works just like your regular old doctor’s office- except the office is online! You can schedule appointments, request medication refills, and even text your doctor directly. When it’s time for your appointment, rather than having to drive to the doctor’s office, you simply click the link in a text message or email, and enter our virtual office (which is actually just our real office here in Auburn). You talk to me, Dr. Adams, on your screen, and we address all your issues just like we would in person.

What can we actually do?

The short answer is- most of what gets done in a typical primary care office!

Primary care- We can handle blood pressure, diabetes, weight management, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, asthma, erectile dysfunction, birth control, and much more!

Preventive- We can order colon cancer screening, breast cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, annual bloodwork, etc.

Urgent care- Most cough, cold, sore throat, earache, UTI, gout, STD testing, migraine, yeast infection, and other urgent problems can be diagnosed and treated virtually.

Mental health- We can treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, and ADHD all through our telemed platform.

LGBTQ+ care- We offer PrEP management, HIV testing, and even gender-affirming hormone therapy all from the comfort of your home.

Prescriptions- We can send electronic prescriptions to any pharmacy in the United States!

What’s included in Virtual Membership

Our virtual primary care members enjoy many of the same benefits as our full service patients. Membership includes unlimited telemed appointments with Dr. Adams via video, phone, text, or email, same or next day scheduling when needed, extended length visits, dramatically discounted bloodwork, and best of all, peace of mind that you have access to your doctor whenever you need him! There are never any copays or confusing bills, and 100% of our virtual services are covered by your membership.

Is there anything we can’t do online?

As much as we’d like to be able to take care of anything and everything virtually for the convenience of our patients, there are some things that do require an in-person visit. For example- We can’t sew up a laceration or perform a pap smear online. Some things really do require your doctor to lay hands on you to properly diagnose and treat. We happily perform those services in the office, and we would always welcome our Virtual Primary Care patients to convert to full-service membership in order to meet those needs.

Getting started

If you’re ready to get started with Virtual Primary Care, just give us a call! We’ll have our online Virtual Primary Care enrollment page ready soon, but until then, we’re happy to get you enrolled over the phone. Our office number is 334-209-2339. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

-Kyle Adams, MD

Dr. Adams practices Family Medicine at Auburn Direct Primary Care. He is actively accepting new patients, and we would love to have you join the ADPC family.

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